Fashion Week


I know. It feels like the only thing I talk about is how cold Paris is, and the crazy number of things I should do. But hey, I come from a country where people are still wearing short-sleeve T-shirt and going to the beach, while I look liken I gained 10 pounds because of the too many layers I wear every day. 

And Still, I never get enough of the beautiful architecture here, and how good people dress. There’s also Fashion week here, which takes place every, I don’t know, 3 months? It feels like it’s all year long.

A few weeks ago–I don’t exactly remember when—I had the chance to see people walking in the Parisian Streets with more style than ever. Photographers were everywhere, waiting for Kim Kardashian to show up, and I was there, like a kid who got his weight in candy. I didn’t take many pictures, simply because I was too amazed and wanted to benefit from this experience to the maximum. 

But I still managed to take a picture of this beautiful lady walking next to the Plaza Athénée. I don’t know her, and I was too shy to ask her about her name. But I was also  wondering how she wasn’t feeling cold when I was wearing a sweater and still freezing.

Oh, I’m talking about the cold again, sorry.


One thought on “Fashion Week

  1. Pas grave George même si tu parles beaucoup de ce froid en France
    Je me mets à ta place et je te donne raison
    Merci du partage
    C’est joli cette photo prise sur Fashion week


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