The Grinch.


tableau-wine-6 still-life-nespresso-6



Why hello from a windy, foggy, rainy day where I would rather stay in my bed and listen to some French songs from the early 2000’s. 

I feel like I’m surviving thanks to caffeine and chocolate, and if I didn’t have my yellow jacket with me, I would be probably depressed by now because of the lack of colours in my daily life. 

Take a picture from your window, then set the saturation to -35 and you will see what’s it like.

We’re still in November, but apparently, people seem to have quickly forgotten about Movember and started already showing their overexcitement about Christmas. I mean, I love Christmas, but it’s too soon. Too soon. 

I went to Boulevard Haussmann a few days ago to procrastinate and buy some clothes for the cold, and I realized, besides that this place is way too crowded, that Christmas decoration is already set. 

But even being there didn’t make me embrace the Christmas spirit because of all the essays and presentations I have –living in Paris doesn’t help, especially when you’re new to this city and want to discover every possible place here. 

It usually takes me two or three days before the 25th to start wearing the red hat, eating all the chocolate I see in front of me, and Searching for gifts. 

I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing Valentine decoration in the middle of December. 

By the way, you should really try Basmati rice instead of regular rice, it’s much more delicious. I’m addicted.

Still Life shot by yours truly in Lebanon. Zegna Boots, Nespresso Coffee Capsules, Old St. Dupont Watch, Apple iPhone, and Ksara Wine.


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