Airplane Mode ON


img_4597img_4597-2So, I just realized four months have passed, and that, by the time you read this—if you actually do—I will be probably compensating the lack of Lebanese food I’ve been subject to this whole time, or celebrating the end of my exams in bed—it’s not what you think, you dirty minded people.

I am currently in the plane, waiting impatiently for the food, not because it’s good (it’s not), but because I overslept this morning and forgot to eat breakfast.

My exams at ESSEC are finally over, and trust me, you feel much more productive when you have 10 exams in one week, WITHOUT a reading period. I’ve probably slept too little these past two weeks that I’ve, awkwardly, gotten used to it. It’s even easier if you like coffee—if you don’t, good luck.

I’m not saying it was easy, but I honestly thought it would be much harder. It’s the first time ever I finish my exams one week before the holidays. Usually, I would have to wait until the 23rd of December to become a free man. Naturally, I took the time to check every possible Christmas decoration—it has started one month ago, but now is the right time to embrace all the Christmas trees, colorful lights and overpriced Christmas balls.

I’m going to stay in my pajamas even more the next few days, but I’m sure it’ll be great.

Sorry for leaving you, but the food has arrived.  If you still have your exams, stop procrastinating and go study. Oh, and good luck.

Pictures taken in Champs Élysées, Avenue Montaigne, and Palais Royal.


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