Fashion in The Middle East.

img_63292017 has started 3 days ago, and besides still writing unconsciously 2016, things haven’t been so bad. For once, I was able to tame my hair, which I decided to start cutting by myself since no barber will ever cut it the way I want to, my face hasn’t been suffering from dehydration or pimples, and I haven’t gained too much weight during the holidays*. See? I’m not too demanding. I still have a day and a half to enjoy the 16°C in Lebanon before returning to Paris where all the clothes in the world won’t make me feel warm enough.

img_6346 img_6352

But that’s not it. Cynthia Jreige, my friend and Editor-in-Chief, has lunched Jdeed Magazine, which focuses on fashion and emerging talents in the Middle East. It’s a fresh, young, and hype touch Cynthia is adding to the Arab Fashion World, and it can’t be but great.

I dealt with the issue of the emergence of my daily life as a young creative and the emergence of fashion in the Middle East, and I must admit, men’s fashion has much less attention than women’s fashion has. But I’m sure this is about to change soon.

     “Internet has also helped Fashion in the Middle East to take off which has made men definitely more interested in taking care of their appearance. I would love to say that I know many menswear brands based in Lebanon, but I only know Lara el Khoury and Nemer Saadé.

Most of the attention is drawn towards women and many of the Lebanese Brands such as Sarah’s Bag and Sandra Mansour, which have added an Arabic touch to their designs, became very popular among younger women.

Here, in Paris, interest in fashion is clearly present among men, who like to have valuable pieces and well-tailored clothes—and a collection of scarves. I’m sure men in the Middle East will soon be as exigent. Some of them already are, and the rest will catch up as soon as new men’s fashion designers emerge.”

Read more on Jdeed Magazine. Self-Portraits shot by yours truly for Jdeed.

*Sorry to all the English teachers for the super long sentence.  .


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