Pyjamas at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

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img_7379As I excessively say, I’m always multitasking and doing a million things at once, which is probably why I haven’t realized January has almost ended. For me, it’s still the first week after the Christmas holidays, and I’m still eating 3 times more than I usually do while saying “it’s ok, it’s still the first week after the holidays”. 

During these three or more weeks, I have been the CEO an imaginary company as part of our curricular activities—should I say that the company went bankrupt? –I’ve spent all my money on food and on sales, and I still managed to find some time to go to my first men’s fashion week, which is not a week, but only 5 days.

It was on January 21, 2017, at the Grand Palais in Champs Élysées, for the Dior show. I went there with massive excitement to see all the street style outside the show, and it was truly unforgettable.I saw A$AP Rocky, whom I had never heard of (sorry) and Karl Lagerfeld. But I also faced the dark side of street-style, which is, let’s say, weird.

I had never imagined men could wear handbags—the kind women would wear, that a pyjama would be considered stylish, or a that two iPhone cables could serve as a belt. I am a firm believer that street style should be somehow extravagant, but apparently, other people and I have a different definition for fashion, and style. 

Maybe someday, you will see me wearing a pyjama on the street, you never know, but the fact that I also caught the attention of the fashion photographers there—yes, they took pictures of me, and I got way too excited about it—makes me think that there are probably the more reasonable, everyday fashion, and the extravagant, uncommon one.

I still have to overcome a week of class before starting a 16-day holiday where I will have more time to think about more non-existential problems. Meanwhile, tell me if I am the only one who wouldn’t consider going to a fashion show in a pyjama.

Random people spotted at Paris Fashion Week, before the Dior Homme Show.
Wearing Zara Scarf and Coat, Sandro Shirt, DSquared 2 Sunglasses, and Zegna Boots.



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