Cold and Windy Toulouse


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I’ve been in France for the past five or six months now–too tired to give you the exact number–and besides Paris and some suburbs, I haven’t been to many places. I mean, when you’re stuck in the Parisian “Métro-boulot-dodo” routine, you don’t realize that you need to see something new until you have no idea of what to do in two weeks of vacation.
I left the madness here for a couple of days in Toulouse, the pink city. I could have chosen a closer city, but no, I wanted to go there.
I loved how people were so polite, how the subway was much cleaner and how it smelled much better than in here, and how the center of the city was much less crowded.
I think people tend to idealize places they go to for the first time, but objectively, Toulouse is really worth visiting. Of course, my stay would have been much better without the gray clouds, the wind and the rain, but I know I’ll be back there very soon. Being in Europe is probably the  best way to travel whenever you have a couple of free days. But you still need to find free time.
Meanwhile, writing in the bed is very challenging. I cannot resist to sleep, Adiós.

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