Manly Layers.

img_7510 img_7506

It’s only Monday, and I want the weekend to be here. Well, you can’t blame me for being lazy, especially after two weeks of holidays where I experienced the nomadic life and switched from coffee to hot chocolate, because apparently, when you’re not making any effort and drink coffee in the evening, you spend your whole night up switching between Snapchat and Instagram. 

It’s 11 degrees cold, which is warm for French, but for me, it is not. I learned that if I ever wanted to survive here without getting sick each two weeks, one coat is not enough. I started to wear a T-Shirt, a sweater, a Trench, and an overcoat, which is happily keeping me warm. Some of my friends get scared when they see me wearing all these layers and ask me if I’m sick, but I just laugh. 

Now that I think about it, Lebanon was not that warm either. Sure, we didn’t have sub-zero degrees all the time, but the humidity made it sometimes unbearably cold. 

The frustrating thing here is that you have to wear something light under your coat(s) because every indoor place is insanely heated. 

So, in conclusion, if you happen to like Mathematics,

T-Shirt + Sweater + Trench + Overcoat = Perfect way to look good while staying warm. 

You’re welcome. 

Self-Portrait wearing Emporio Armani Trench and H&M Jeans. (Notice the untamable hair in the picture).


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