All Day Everyday.

So, I could start this by saying that I’ve been absent for long, that it was cold, that I was multitasking, etc. etc., but I’ll just say that nothing interesting has happened since I last logged in on my little space. Well, almost; but it’s still too early to talk about that.

College year is almost over, and I’ve created three (fake) start-ups and one product for a famous brand. Of course, it took me way too many cups of coffee and several sleepless nights to finish all of this, but let’s say I’m not that disappointed with my work. Of course, I hope my teachers will be as enthusiastic as I am, but there’s still a lot of time before I receive my final grades.

Here is what you’ve missed (or not, if you’ve been following me on Instagram) in the last one and a half months:

·       I’ve been to Saint-Michel Notre-Dame and found out that this place is ideal for self-portraits. And there’s the Shakespeare and Co. library you absolutely have to visit

·       I’ve finally been to the Trocadéro Gardens after being here for more than 8 months

·        If you like long, much less crowded Parisian walks, then the 16ème arrondissement is, without any doubt, the right place for you

·       I had my first picnic in the capital under the Eiffel Tower and it was AMAZING

·       I developed a serious addiction for Aesop and Lindt, which I will come back to very soon

·       I almost got pickpocketed in Paris, but thanks to my oversized coat, everything ended up well.

I think that’s basically it, or at least these were the most interesting things I can think of. As French people would say, bisous.




One thought on “All Day Everyday.

  1. coucou
    contente d’avoir de tes nouvelles, merci du partage
    J’ai pas pensé qu’on peut être pickpocketé en plein Paris
    heureuse qu’il n’y a eu rien de vole
    Très belle journée


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