Stop the Time

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SIMG_6589ome things in life happen when you least expect them. That was the case when my friend Yasmine called me and told me that we were going to Plaza Athénée for my birthday.

I had been dying to go there for several months now, but never really had the time to do so.  You’re probably wondering how much time I need to go for an afternoon tea. Well, you need the whole day, at least I do.

And this is how I ended up spending 4 hours at the Galerie, Plaza Athénée’s very luxurious salon.

We arrived at 3 o’clock, and things quickly started to get out of control.

Hot chocolate—and ice coffee, for Yasmine—arrived first, followed by three layers of different desserts.

I just need to remind you that I eat a lot, and that I didn’t have neither lunch nor breakfast, but I had a lot of difficulty to finish everything present:

  •  5 mini beignets (doughnuts) with chocolate, raspberry and vanilla dipping sauces
  •  A vanilla tart (Angelo Musa’s signature dessert), which was my favorite one, which is natural considering that I love vanilla
  •  Piña Colada cake
  •  Chocolate mousse cake covered with dark chocolate
  •  A mini strawberry tart (very refreshing)
  • A madeleine glazed with honey and yuzu syrup
  • A chocolate and caramel “finger”
  • A grapefruit and Yuzu jelly cake

Just the action of listing this made me full, so imagine how it was like in reality.

But we’re not done yet. After the foodgasm we had, tea arrived. Their selection is huge, but I chose Jasmine tea, a relatively classic flavor.

IMG_6621Oh wait, I almost forgot. We also met Angelo Musa, the pastry chef behind all these masterpieces. We sat with him for a couple of minutes to get to know him a bit more, and I’m still shocked I got to meet him. I mean,

when you meet a pastry-chef you’ve been following on Instagram for a while, you wonder whether this is real or not.

But sadly, good things always have an end, and I had to leave to get ready for the next day.And sadly, I have to go finish some work now. Bye Bye.


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