Parisian Dapper

The weather in Paris these past three weeks has been the craziest since I have arrived .
Three weeks ago, we couldn’t work in the office because the temperature was over 40 degrees celsius. Instead of wearing a suit and working all day, I wore the lightest T-Shirt I had and ate ice-cream/frozen yogurt with my colleagues all day long.
I think the worst thing in Paris is that there is no air-condition, which makes fans the only alternative. And you know, when it’s 40 degrees, fans can’t do much for you.
Luckily, the week after, aka two weeks ago, was much better. Temperatures dropped 10-15 degrees and naturally, I had crazy amounts of work to finish.
I quickly found myself working more than the maximum legal hours.
Now, you know, the temperature increased last week and dropped this week, etc. etc.
And to make things even worse, I couldn’t go to Men’s Fashion Week, despite having a few invitations, which makes me wonder why I live in Paris if I can’t enjoy what this city offers.
Indeed, I would have never thought the Parisian sentence métro, boulot, dodo–metro, work, bed–would be that accurate.
The good thing is that I was able to get one step closer to the Parisian dapperIMG_8031, which might be the only advantage of Corporate life–that, and coffee breaks.
As you can see in this post’s self-portraits, I finally got to wear something other than jeans. In fact, I haven’t worn one for two or three weeks now, which, for now, something I don’t really miss.
I only wear suits on special occasions because I have to, but for my daily life, I find them too conventional.
I now find myself wearing my white trousers almost everyday because they’re comfortable, unconventional and because they my colleagues off who consider them as a fashion mistake.
Yup, I think that sums up everything.
One past advice: don’t eat too much ice cream, or it will show on your belly.




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