It’s been a year.

IMG_9072  IMG_8929

Despite how hard I try to update my blog regularly, I always find myself not being able to do so more than once a month. On a side note, I’ve been in Paris for a year now.I woke up today and realized I’ve been in France for a year now. 365 days—minus 5 to be accurate. 

It’s crazy how fast time flies; for me, discovering Paris and being amazed by every single building—literally—feels like yesterday.

I always thought I would prefer settling in a specific place to moving out every few months, but to be honest, I miss the excitement I got when I had to fit all the things I can’t live without in two suitcases, when the airplane landed in a county I’ve never been to before, when I got immersed in a new culture, and most importantly, when I got fascinated by the smallest things here.

It’s never easy to leave the place you’ve lived in since you were born, and moving to a new country can be terrifying, but you only come out stronger after doing so. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Living in Paris was always an evidence for me. I always knew I would somehow end up there, and I’m happier than ever to be in this amazing city.

I still have to see a lot of new places, buildings, and stores, and I will try to find some time for that.

On a side note, it’s 20 degrees in the middle of August, and I’m thrilled.*

But it won’t last for long, because I’m flying on Saturday to the motherland where it’s above 30 degrees. Why God, why?

*you should, by now, know that I only feel good when it’s cold, cloudy, and rainy.

Yes, I’m weird.


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