On Paper


IMG_0010As you’ve probably read in my previous post, it’s been a year since I’ve left the motherland for Paris.
I take on average more than 5 pictures a day, and if you multiply that by 365, it makes a lot of them.
I spent a few hours, 3 weekends ago, sorting the pictures on my phone, my laptop, and hard disk, and decided to compile the very best in a photo book.
Obviously, I relied on SAAL Digital, because I wasn’t disappointed at all with my poster, and because their software is easy to use. I like to use InDesign, but it requires more time, which I’ve been lacking these past months.
As expected, the final result was great: the colours are vibrant, the quality of the paper is very good, and the size (19 cm x 19 cm) is ideal to be carried everywhere.*
And of course, I slightly overexposed my pictures (+0.1 / +0.15) to have the correct exposure on paper.
If you want to make your own, check SAAL Digital’s website; you’re welcome.

*I purposely wanted a book that I can take everywhere to show my pictures to people.
What can I say? I could talk endlessly about my passion for photography with people.


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