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Just like any other Parisian, I take the metro a lot. And by a lot, I mean a lot.

Naturally, I’ve memorized most of the Paris map–well, except the Rive Droite, which I’ve never really taken the time to visit.

But awkwardly, I’ve started to have an admiration for the RATP subway map, which is present in pretty much every station. I’ve reached a point when I was willing to frame one the maps they give at the welcome desk, but quickly realized that this would not be sane.

This is why I’ve had an immediate crush for Modern Maps Art’s Paris map. 

I mean, it’s rare to find maps that have an artistic touch and that can be placed on your wall without making people think you’ve stolen the RATP map.

I just spend my day looking at it and showing my family and friends all the places I’ve been to these past 12 months.

The only problem is that they’re starting to get annoyed, but do I really care?

You can this pretty Paris Poster, or that of ant city–literally any–on Modern Map Art’s Website.

Flatly shot by yours truly. Hermès Perfume, Aesop Skincare, Diptyque Candle, Silvio Fiorello Tie, and Nespresso Capsules


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